Terms & conditions

Terms of Privat Ski & Snowsports School Wengen


  1. General Information:

In the following the booking party will be called “Client”, Privat “Organizer” and all bookings “Courses”. In case of discrepancy the Terms of the Organizer will be used.

  1. Application:

These terms and price list of the organizer will be used with all courses of the organizer, except in courses where changes are clearly stated (Snow shoes walks).

  1. Creation of a booking:

A booking will be created after receipt of the booking from the client, confirmation of the organizer and advance payment as has been agreed. After receipt of the booking confirmation the client is entitled within 5 days to change the booking, but not to withdraw.

  1. Payment:

The organizer is entitled to ask for an advance payment or deposit. The balance has to be settled by the end of the course at the latest. Expenses of the bank have to be covered by the client.

  1. Withdrawal of the client: 48 hours 50%, 24 hours 100% will be charged of the agreed price with the organizer.
  2. Withdrawal of the organizer:

The organizer is entitled to cancel a course when the minimum number of clients has not been reached. A withdrawal is always possible under the influence of higher power such as avalanches, weather con- ditions, conditions on the mountain, technical problems of transportations etc.

  1. Risks of the client:

The client shall spontaneously inform the organizer of any possible risks that concern him/her (and specifically of a medical nature). In the absence of contrary indications, the client guarantees to the organizer that he/she has the required capacities (physical condition, physical and mental health, equipment, etc.) to undertake the booked course.

  1. Bad weather:

In general, the lesson will be held with any weather conditions as long the organizer judges the risk as reasonable. With bad weather the organizer has the right to adapt a lesson to the weather conditions. Ski and snowboard lessons will be given as long as a slope is available.

  1. Insurance:

The client is responsible for his insurance cover; stuck situation, accident, illness, liability and cancellation.

  1. Risk and liability:

All activities in the mountains create a risk. The client carries the risk completely for himself, for his action and against third parties.

  1. Prices:

The stated prices are for the Instructor services, excluding his expenses (e.g. transportation, accommodation, meals etc.) All expenses have to be covered by the client. Some courses where it is clearly stated, may contain extended services.

  1. Applicable law:

The applicable law shall be exclusively governed by and construed in accordance with Swiss law. No other laws such as USA laws will be applied.

  1. Place of jurisdiction: All disputes between the organizer, client, damaged individual or third parties have to be judged exclusively by the juries which are responsible for Wengen.